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Play Videos in Salesforce at
the point of use

Training / Onboarding / Business Process Videos


OnDigital is a Video Management Solution for the Salesforce Platform

OnDigital is a product from Creation Technology a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone
or in conjunction with an Industry Cloud.

Manage Video Listings, provide a Video Player at the point of use in Salesforce, use with YouTube, Vimeo, Salesforce & 3rd party video hosting.

Play Videos in Salesforce at the Point of Use

Boost adoption with Video Content - Training Videos, Onboarding Videos, Business Process Videos

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On Page Video Player

The OnDigital On-Page Video Player is a drag and drop component that can be added to page layouts within your Salesforce Org by an Admin. 

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Supports Multiple Videos

The OnDigital On-Page Video Player supports the ability to add & watch multiple videos against a certain object & page layout in Salesforce.

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Embedded Video Player

Salesforce Admins can use the Lightning Page Builder to add the OnDigital Video Player component to different objects & page layouts.

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Training Videos

Boost user adoption of Salesforce by recording your Training Videos on how to use certain features within your Salesforce Org.

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Onboarding Videos

Create Playlists for Staff / User Onboarding Videos. Users can watch a series of training videos to get up to speed on how to do something.

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Business Process Videos

Record Business Process Videos & provide to groups of users within Salesforce either within Salesforce CRM or Experience Cloud.

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