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OnDigital Video Management on the Salesforce Platform

Training / Onboarding / Business Process Videos

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OnDigital is a Video Management Solution for the Salesforce Platform

OnDigital is a product from Creation Technology a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone
or in conjunction with an Industry Cloud.

Mange Video Listings, provide a Video Player at the point of use in Salesforce, use with YouTube, Vimeo, Salesforce & 3rd party video hosting.

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Video Management

OnDigital allows you to create Video records in Salesforce & add either URLs for 3rd party hosted solutions or upload the video direct to the Salesforce Platform (Note: This option does consume Salesforce storage).

You can view videos either at the point of use or from the OnDigital tab which displays videos in both list & grid formats.

Play the video within the Salesforce interface or display full screen as needed.

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Video Hosting & Formats

OnDigital supports a number of video hosting options including YouTube, Vimeo & other 3rd party hosting platforms. It also provides the ability to upload videos directly to Salesforce however this does take up Salesforce storage.

Video records can be created in Salesforce & URLs can be provided for videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo etc.


Embed links need to be provided to videos so that they can run effectively in the Salesforce Environment

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